No more plain, low-quality gear.

We are tired of pre-set templates, simple designs & bad-fitting kit. 

We want you to feel as special putting on your club kit as you would with an international vest.

Find out what makes Rowgear different.

Designed by rowers.
For rowers.

Rowing in the UK is demanding. Varying temperatures and conditions in a single session, let alone the season mean we need versatile options when it comes to kit.

We understand this, we have been there in -5 degrees still sweating in a non-breathable jacket or in the 35-degree summer heat wishing we had some sweat-wicking kit on.

We know the needs of the rowers and how the kit we provide needs to perform.

Tested and trusted in the industry.

Rowgear’s commitment to kit expands beyond quality designs and premium customer service. 

Our mission is to bring unique & long-lasting professional sportswear at a price point for everyone.

The kit we are bringing you has been trusted and recognised internationally since 1989 and has made an appearance at every Olympic podium since Atlanta 96’.

Design & ethos

Each custom piece of kit designed and produced by us is a chance to showcase the essence of your club.

We are bored to death of seeing the same recycled designs, with the only thing differentiating being a different colour pattern or the club logo itself.

We like to make each one of our clients stand out from the rest and embody their identity.

Some clubs like to keep their summer racing kit separate from their winter or training collection. There is nothing worse than representing your club at the main event of the season in a dated and visibly worn kit.

Whether you want to keep the heritage design and still be able to have a fresh and exciting kit collection every year; whether your club has a special anniversary, an event or a charity fundraiser, our design team can produce all the kit variations you may possibly need.

How would your club benefit from having more design variants?

Would you use one for training, special anniversaries or major events such as Henley Royal Regatta?

Great kit shouldn't cost a fortune.

We partner with many clubs, schools and colleges and are used to working with varying budgets & requirements. There is no reason why athletes should not have their full club kit simply because they cannot afford it. 

We’ve priced our kit fairly according to the current market and the value we provide to you.

We are always happy to come up with other options if you require them. Please get in touch to discuss what we can do for you.

Race collection

Find our price list & a full breakdown in the PDF booklet. You can request your club catalogue in the contact form below.

Pricing is as custom as the kit we design for you. This doesn’t mean hidden charges for us, it’s an opportunity to get you the best kit at the best price.

We don’t add extra charges for design, there is no minimum order quantity; we are here to give you the kit and experience we would want as rowers ourselves.

Fabric details

Our kit has been tried and tested year after year, from club to international level, by both ourselves and long-standing clients who have been using the kit we provide for decades.

We use a specialised sublimated printing process, whereby the image or pattern actually becomes part of the garment itself, 
 thus making sure no peeling or loss of details will occur during use and washing.

  • Moisture management

  • Breathable

  • Ultra flat

  • UV protection (50 SPF)

  • Perfect fit – 30% two-way stretch

  • Pilling/bobbling reistant

  • Sun cream and oil resistant

Cutting edge material with a high shaping power, featuring a high resistance to chlorine, suntan creams and oils. It is moisture-wicking, boosts micro-circulation and muscle oxygenation; both during sports activity and while at rest. It is an amazing mix of style and sport/technical performance.

  • Composition – 80% Polyamide, 20% Elastane

  • Weight 170 gsm

ZeroWind® is an innovative hydrophilic membrane with exceptional dynamic breathability.

It has the capability to adjust its breathability to the level of physical activity being performed: more movement = more sweat = higher breathability, less movement less sweat = lower breathability = lower loss of body heat.

Thanks to its smart behaviour, the thermic dispersion is reduced ensuring the same body temperature and creating a higher comfort, especially in cold weather conditions.

Manufacturing & delivery

Once the kit design has been approved our manufacturing process takes about 3 weeks, depending on the size order.

After this, the kit gets delivered to us and we will inspect, sort and bag it for each individual and hand deliver it to you at an agreed date. We don’t believe in having something this special dropped off by a courier.

From start to finish on an initial order, we would expect it to be with you within 6 – 8 weeks. Additional kit orders can be made and delivered to you in 3 – 4 weeks.

We’ll update you with information on how your order is getting on every step of the way. Forget about surprises, we’ll notify you regularly.

Rowgear collection

When we decided to bring our own kit to the UK market, we spent 18 months perfecting the kit using our own Rowgear branded designs which are available to all. We believe our own kit showcases the limitless possibility of our designs and gives you the option to get ahold of a professional quality kit at a price point for everyone.

Short sleeve
Winter long sleeve
Splash jacket

How to order - Rowgear

Due to high demand of the products, we are currently restocking our supplies and will re-start sales shortly.

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How to order - Club kit

Send us a request on the contact form and we’ll provide you with a PDF catalogue made just for you. 

After that, we will schedule a strategy call to complete your onboarding process and guide you through the next steps of Rowgear production process.

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