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All courses are regulated by the FAA and successful participants will be issued with valid certificates

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What we provide

Rowing-focused training

Rowing is a sport which takes place in various environments that each pose their own risks. Whether your training takes place in the clubhouse, a gym, outdoors or on the water itself, it’s important to know how to best protect all people involved, especially the athletes, if you’re someone who is looking after them.

It’s also crucial to make sure that athletes can look after their peers in the event of unsupervised training. Health & safety should not be left to chance.

With our experience in rowing across schools, clubs and national level organisations, we know what risks can occur and how to take preventative measures to actively minimise them and create a safer training environment for everyone.

Our aim is to cater all our courses to be rowing specific, however, certain certifications such as First Aid at Work both 1 and 3 Day Courses are ultimately designed for office-based work environments. This doesn’t mean that it won’t be useful, it just means that there will be material we cover that will expand outside the scope of rowing.

All of the courses will be tailored specifically to your club or organisation with a focus on risks most associated with rowing and outdoor pursuits. 

These can be run at your club or premises for your convenience at a time that suits you,.

What you get

Our courses cover, but are not limited to the following:

– The life signs to look out for in a casualty

– The ABCDE of managing first aid situations

– Airway Management – Recovery Position and other real-world variations

– Breathing Problems – the different types of CPR, and when to use them

– Drowning,

– Hypothermia, hyperthermia and cold injuries

– Head and spinal injuries – working with a team

– Common illnesses and medical emergencies – how to spot and treat them effectively

– Animal bites and stings

– Up-to-date look at the regulations you need to know


See below for all of the training courses we run. Certifications start at £20.

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1 Day Emergency First Aid Course

  • 1 Day Course (6-Hour minimum – can be run over more than 1 day)
  • HSE Compliant
  • 3 Year Certificate validity
  • Available on-site at your location or a training space can be provided

Course comprising a minimum of 6 hours of practical and theoretical training covering responsibilities, assessment of the situation, first aid hygiene, resuscitation, anatomy, choking, bleeding, shock, epilepsy, minor injuries and dealing with an unresponsive casualty.

Compliant with the Health & Safety Executive code of Practice.

2 Day Activity
First Aid Course

  • 2 Day Course (12-Hour minimum, can be run over more than 2 days)
  • HSE Compliant
  • 3 Year Certificate validity
  • Available on-site at your location or a training space can be provided

This Outdoor First Aid Course is designed specifically for First Aiders who are likely to have to treat in an outdoor environment (as rowing often is) and tailored specifically by our lead trainer to be relevant to the most significant risk posed to Rowing First Aiders
(This course also satisfies the requirements of the HSE in respect of Emergency First Aid at Work)

Event cover

Do you need First Aid cover for your event?

We are capable of providing First Aid and Pre-hospital care for any size event, large, medium or small.

Our team is Experienced in First Aid Event cover, DBS Checked and we provide Defibrillators with us as standard. 

Working with our partners we are able to supply a team of highly trained and experienced staff to deal with medical incidents and emergencies.

Contact us to discuss your specific requirements and see how we can help you!

First Aid Refresher

If you’re a very established club, college or school it’s very likely that you already have First Aid certified coaches.

In order to keep your certificate up to date you will require a refresher course every three years. If you already hold a current or recently expired First Aid certificate and wish to renew it, we run refresher training requiring less time and cost than a standard full course.

The benefit of choosing Rowgear to supply these refresher courses is that the training we provide focuses specifically on rowing and the environment it takes place in.

3 Day First Aid at Work Course

  • 3 Day Course (18-hour minimum – can be run over more than 3 days)
  • HSE Compliant
  • 3 Year Certificate validity
  • Available on-site at your location or a training space can be provided

This FAW course covers all aspects of basic life support including CPR, bleeding, unconsciousness, choking, head injuries, sprains and strains and a vast range of First Aid conditions that you may experience in the workplace.

All successful participants will be issued an FAW certificate lasting for 3 years.

Other courses

If you require a more advanced certification why not have a look at other courses we offer to cover your needs:

• Level 3 Award in Emergency Paediatric First Aid
• Level 3 Award in Paediatric First Aid
• Level 3 Award in Activity First Aid
• Level 2 Award in First Aid Risk Assessment
• Level 2 Award in Basic Life Support
• Level 2 Award in CPR & AED
• Level 2 Award in BLS and Safe Use of an AED
• Level 3 Award in Oxygen Therapy Administration
• Level 3 Award in Immediate Management of Anaphylaxis
• Catastrophic Bleeding control
• Airway Management

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