Which performance monitor (PM) ?

Performance monitors measure the metres you have rowed, calories burned, watts expended and so-on. They all do much the same thing but later models have added features or can do more things simultaneously.

All new machines now come with the PM5 – there is no other option, so thats easy! Refurbished machines mainly come with the PM3 but we have some with a PM2, which is a very basic monitor and some with a PM4. The PM3 and PM4 are identical apart from the PM4 has ability to wirelessly link to a heart rate belt to display heart rate on screen. The PM3 and Pm2 can do this but you will need to buy a separate heart rate pick-up device to plug in to the monitor.

The main advantage of PM3, 4 and 5 over the PM2 is better reliability, a graphical display of your power stroke, multiple items displayed simultaneously and more memory functions, recording your workouts either on a card (PM3 and PM4) or a USB stick (PM5)

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