Slider Dynamic by WaterRower


The best dynamic rowing machine on the market today. An indoor platform truly designed to improve rowing technique.

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Slider Dynamic by WaterRower


The Slider Dynamic features the most advanced combination of training, technique and testing benefits of any air resistant rowing machine. The Slider Dynamic has been designed for the rigorous use of any boathouse, erg room or commercial gym. It is considered by many rowers to be the best indoor platform with which to put into practice rowing technique by mimicking the sliding motion of the boat which allows the drive of the stoke to develop as it would on the water.

RowGear’s Verdict

We are happy to add WaterRowers to our stock and believe the Slider Dynamic is the best dynamic rowing machine on the market. Unlike its rival it does not suffer from maintenance issues and can stand up to constant use as it would get in a rowing club or school environment. The sliding motion helps to lessen the impact at the catch of the stroke which helps to reduce the risk of injury. The machine also forces the rower to get into the correct positions in order to generate power, unlike a concept2 where its easy to lean weight on the back of the stroke to imprvoe your score. If your looking for a machine that will help improve technique for on the water rowing as well as give you the fitness required this could be the machine for you.

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