Boats, Repairs & Maintenance

Our partners

Rowgear does currently not provide boat sales, repairs and maintenance. 

If you are on a lookout for those, why not check out some of our partners in the industry who do just that?

Janousek & Stämpfli

Built in Britain, Raced Worldwide

Janousek & Stämpfli combined have been building rowing boats for over 125 years, which makes them the oldest and longest-standing racing boat manufacturers in the world.

They have been building boats for GB Rowing for over 20 years and continue to supply the Start talent ID athletes with their flagship shells.

For any enquiries or to find out more about the Janousek & Stämpfli product offering, please reach out to Mark Banks on


Professional boat repairs

If your boats require care & maintenance, we'd recommend getting in touch with Adam Berry from Adam Boat Repairs.

He's a professional boatman who's been bringing rowing boats back to life on the Tideway. Check out his work on the Instagram page.


Boat sales, Exchange & Transport

Sculling Boat Sales is owned by Ric Colborne who originally set up Rowgear.
Ric has a great working knowledge of all types of racing boats through his time spent as Head Coach at schools and universities all over UK.

He and his team have many years of racing, coaching and boat repair experience.
Sculling Boat Sales accommodate boat sales, exchange and transportation.

Check out their website or get in touch via email.