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About RowGear – who we are and what we do

Who are RowGear


We specialise in supplying new Concept 2 indoor rowing machines, our combined experience and knowledge of these machines is second only to Concept 2 themselves! Additionally, we have also incorporated Waterrowers as a viable alternative to the Concept 2 indoor rowing machine options.


We offer a 1 year guarantee and our refurbished rowing machines are subjected to a rigorous inspection and replacement of worn components. 


RowGear has been trading successfully for 12 years and we are a small family run firm that aims to please you.

Tom Clark …

rowed for Leander Club and represented and won medals for Great Britain at under-23 level in each of the years 2009, 2010 and 2011. In October 2012 he was selected for the GB senior squad and later represented GB at senior level achieving a 5th place at the European Championships and 3rd at the Hansa Cup before a back injury necessiatted retirement from top-level rowing.

Graeme Clark …

rowed and coached recreationally, was formerly ‘boatmaster’ of his rowing club, responsible for maintaining and repairing boats and rowing machines and has many years experience of running a business as well as a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Chris Ray …

is the newest member of the team. He rows at Leander club in the elite development squad and is aiming for Great Britain selection. Sitting on a rowing machine six days a week for training means Chris knows exactly how the machines should look and feel before they leave the workshop.

Our Refurbished rowing machines:

We start with a sound used machine and inspect it for any major defects. Any machines that are not up to scratch at this point are rejected and kept for spares only.

Each machine is them stripped down to it’s component parts.

These are all thoroughly cleaned and a 24 point inspection follows. Any parts that are worn out – or show signs of doing so – will be replaced.

As a matter of routine we replace all seat roller bearings whether showing signs of wear or not. We replace the shock-cord as routine, as well as the footstraps and handle grips.

If the machine is very well worn then we will usually respray it,otherwise we touch up any small scratches.

The rower is then re-assembled and tested by one of us, prior to despatch.

Servicing rowing machines:

We will happily service your rower at our premises, but you would be responsible for transportation costs to and from us, which might make it uneconomic.

We can also put you in contact with some independent rower servicing organisations or individuals who may be able to assist you.

If you have a large number of rowers to be serviced and are within a short distance of us, we would discuss either servicing them in situ or collecting and returning the machines.

We offer two basic service plans: Basic where we service the rower but only replace the shock cord and idler pulleys if the existing ones have less than 12 months life.

With a Superior service, both the shock cord and idler pulleys are replaced irrespective of current condition

In addition to the above, with both levels of service we will clean and lubricate the machine and advise on any further defects found that require immediate attention or should be looked at in the near future. Such further work is chargeable at £35 per hour plus parts, but we would give a full quotation at the time.


Warranty rowing machines:

Rowing Machines are supplied by Rowgear with a 12 month parts warranty, effective from date of receipt by Buyer.

Any part that fails or wears out or is otherwise found to be defective in operation, will be replaced free of charge, including the cost of delivery to the Buyer.

Rowgear will provide all reasonable assistance to the Buyer to effect the replacement of such parts, including provision of verbal and written instructions, however the cost of visiting the buyer and labour costs are not included in the warranty.

If the equipment is returned to and collected from Rowgear at the buyer’s expense then labour costs will be provided free of charge.


Warranty electronic equipment:

Electronic equipment including the Performance Monitor is guaranteed against failure for 3 months from date of receipt by Buyer.

Warranty does not cover damage caused by breakages (e.g. broken screen) nor by leakage from batteries.

Rowgear recommend the use of good quality batteries in electronic equipment, which should be removed if the equipment is not to be used for any significant period.

All equipment is supplied with a numbered warranty sticker to identify it uniquely in our records.
The warranty is invalidated if this sticker is removed.


We will pay a minimum of 60% of the price you paid, up to 12 months after purchase

The Details:

Rowgear will buy back any rowing machine, upon a Buyer’s request, within 12 months of date of sale, for a price not less than 60% of the price originally paid, subject to the following conditions:

(a) The machine must be in fully working order,

(b) any collection costs are chargeable,

(c) that Rowgear currently has a requirement for used rowing machines; if Rowgear have no current requirement for used machines, then the Buyer will be added to a waiting list, available on demand, and Rowgear will offer to buy the machine once a requirement again exists, on the same terms. At any time that Rowgear have a requirement for used rowing machines, it will buy first from any customers wanting to exercise the buyback guarantee before sourcing machines elsewhere.

Rowing Machines:

We are always happy to take your old rower in part exchange for a newer model. Please contact us with details and the age and condition of your machine, and which model you wish to upgrade to.

We no longer sell or purchase Model B rowers but will happily keep a list of people wishing to sell to pass to anyone wishing to buy and supply and advise on parts and fitting.

Performance Monitors:

Similarly we get many requests to upgrade to a better monitor. We can supply new PM3 or PM4 monitors at a price equal to that offered by the manufacturers. PM2 monitors are no longer made,so will always be used units. Used PM3 monitors are quite rare and if you are seeking one of these a significant delay may be incurred.

Requirements for used rowing machines

We ONLY buy Concept 2 Rowing machines – our experience shows that other makes are simply not robust enough for the second (an more!) user markets

We are always looking for used machines to buy; However, at any one time there is a limit (both financially and logistically) to the amount of stock that we can hold. Therefore it is useful if you can indicate how quickly you need to sell your machine(s). For this reason we do not tend to offer any more or less when buying a batch of machines as distinct from buying singly.

It is no secret that you can probably sell privately for more; what we offer is a hassle free purchase, with no come-back. We buy “as-seen” and if there’s a fault we havent seen, that’s our problem, not yours.

Rowgear has been trading for 12 years, our address is on this website and thus we assume that a company cheque or bank transfer after delivery to us will be acceptable forms of payment for your rower. If this is not the case then please tell us early on in the discussions. As we often use third-party courier collection, it is not generally possible to offer cash on collection. We are happy to transfer funds electronically to your bank.

Please follow the link to assess the value of your rowing machine Assessing your rowing machine

Why use RowGear?


We specialise in Concept 2 rowers


We offer a 1 year guarantee


Machines are subjected to a rigorous inspection and replacement of worn components


Rowgear has been trading successfully for 12 years


We are a small family run firm that aims to please you

What our customers say

“I got in touch with RowGear following a recommendation, they were very helpful in arranging a suitable time and date to service our Ergos, and got straight to work when they arrived. We now have a set of fully functioning Ergos in excellent condition for a price that was lower than expected. Thanks RowGear!”

Conor Burgess
Kings College Boat Club, Cambridge

“The most trustworthy 2nd hand supplier I have come across.”

Mark Earnshaw
Head Coach, Abingdon School

“Thank you for all your work. Our senior guys were on them today and they have really noticed the difference.”

Matthew Wells
Olympic Bronze Medalist & Monkton Combe Head Coach

“Thank you for the great work you did on our ergs, everyone has really felt the difference!”

Claire Smark
Pembroke College BC Captain

Many thanks to all at Rowgear for the fantastic personal service and our ‘good as new’ Concept Rower.

Robert Hopkin

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